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Zhongtai Group has once again won the top 20 in Guangdong Real Estate Credit

      On June 5, the Zixin Real Estate Finance Summit and the awarding ceremony of the 18th (2019) Top 20 of Guangdong Real Estate Credit were held in Guangzhou。 With sound financial management,scientific leading enterprise management and outstanding comprehensive operational strength, Zhongtai Group stands out among many housing enterprises,ranking among the top 20 real estate credits in Guangdong。 This time, Zhongtai Group once again ranked on the list。 It is also the ingenious casting of 27 years that has made the quality and service of Zhongtai Group being recognized by the market, and the strength of the enterprise has been certified by the industry!

      "Top 20 of Guangdong Real Estate Credit" is the benchmark of Guangdong real estate finance industry tomeasure the comprehensive strength of enterprise credit. The evaluated enterprises are generally stable in finance, standardized in management,efficient in operation and highly recognized in the market. It is a model for real estate industry to move towards the future and financial innovation. This time being re-elected as "Top 20 of Guangdong Real Estate Credit"proves that the strong strength of Zhongtai Group was highly recognized by the industry, which further promoted the strong alliance between Zhongtai Group and the four major banks of industry which includes the bank of commercials, agriculture,China and construction. This will provide a more solid and powerful financial guarantee for Zhongtai Group to achieve its strategic objectives steadily.

      During the 27-year development process, Zhongtai Group has been expanding its enterprise scale, actively exploring the diversification of real estate management. Real estate projects are based on the Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, radiating the whole country and forming the national layout of "South China","Central China" and "Southwest China". The Group strives for excellence in business management, keeps up with the pace of the times,relies on sound financial management system and norms, establishes a foundation with integrity, standardizes various systems of enterprises, and builds a good market reputation. It has become a model of the real estate enterprises with strong comprehensive strength in the industry.

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